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After several years working for a company in the printing and promotional products industry. During my time in this company I realized two important needs, one being in my life and the other being in the industry.

1st - I needed and wanted to be better mom. A mom that could take and pickup my kids from school, volunteer at their school and always be available when they need me.

2nd – I realized there was a need in the industry for a company that was willing to be more than just an overpaid order taker, I wanted to be a consultant. I am interested in being the person that helps the client put together the best promotion utilizing the best available products while staying within or under their budget.

I'm doing what i love.
Ida Monsivais

As with Ida, I also worked in the printing and promotional products industry. During my years there I too saw the need for a company that not only sold and printed branded products but also helped the client with design, product development, marketing concepts and implementation. There is more to branding than just handing out pens, mugs or stress balls!

I met Ida and after just a short time I realized how talented she was. Not only did she understand printing but she was very creative with a great eye for detail and a passion for helping people.

If it were easy everyone would do it.
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Bernie Trowbridge

We decided to join forces

After a couple of years of discussing the idea, we decided to go into business together. Combined we bring over 30 years of experience in printing, embroidery, promotional products, marketing and product development.

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Hablamos Espanol


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